We're This Close From Being Able To Eat Random Roadkill In Michigan

Man, you know, sometimes I'm just headed up to Sleeping Bear Dunes and I just get hungry, and one of those quirky gas station diners with a bunch of fake log paneling and shit along I-75 just won't do it. You know what I've got a real hankering for? Deer on the side of the road!

If you happen to stumble upon a deer, or bear, or some other hapless woodland creature on a Michigan highway, you can't eat it. A new bill would allow only those with a hunting license to pick up dead animals and do with it what they wish.


The bill would also allow Michigan drivers, regardless if they have a hunting license, to take home any animal they hit while driving. This bill is suggested by a state lawmaker who told The Detroit News that he has hit 11 deer in nine years — wait, what?

"I totaled four cars," he said. "I took home none. I called 911 and told 'em I hit a deer."

Um...I think there's a different issue there. Anyways, the law could be passed by this spring.

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