We're So Glad They Don't Bleep French On Television [Update: Or English, Either]

View from my seat. That first angry bright blue car is Buemi, not running in first. Photo credit: Stef Schrader

Renault e.dams Formula E driver Sébastien Buemi had a miserable race today. After having won the first three Formula E races in a row, he wasn’t anywhere near the lead of the Mexico City ePrix. Apparently this was, to translate directly from the French “merde” spoken on Buemi’s team radio: “shit.”


Buemi only qualified 10th for this race, and was stuck behind a mass of traffic. I don’t think he was happy about that.

Buemi’s luck went from merde to worse, as he got into a wreck with Andretti racer Antonio Felix da Costa later in the race.

UPDATE: According to noodlesintheface, Buemi’s whole phrase is a clever sneak past the sensors. Vergne said “Putain de merde,” which loosely translates to “shitty whore.”

Those of you who caught the full broadcast also mentioned that Jean-Eric Vergne snuck a “fuck” past the censors as well while frustrated that he couldn’t pass Jerome d’Ambrosio. Honestly, who wouldn’t swear in that situation? [H/T bre92sor!]

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