We're Laughing At You: Paris Hilton Might Face 90 Days In The Hoosegow

Here's a tip - if you are a mutli-gazillionaire-ess, pay someone to drive you around. Seriously, hire Colin McRae or any of the three Los Jalops that live in LA to hoon you about in your drophead Bentley GTC. So what if Bumbeck fills the rear seats with mid-eighties rising sun spare parts? At least you won't go to effing jail. Or better yet, hire someone whose sole job it is to whisper in your ear that if your license has suspended because you got nailed while driving drunk, it is best not to speed around the Westside at night with your headlights off. Even better, donate all you are worth to stem cell research in hopes that they can find a cure for vapidness, idiocy and awfulness. What's that? Right, herpes, too.


Prosecutors push to revoke Paris' probation [Associated Press]

Paris Hilton Violates Probation, Gets Bentley Continental GTC Hauled Away In West Hollywood [Internal]

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