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If you somehow don’t like bikes, or bike racing, what you need to do is tune into the only American race on the MotoGP calendar this year. It will change your mind. Even better, if you’re in Texas, you should come out and join us!

In case you couldn’t tell from our chat with ace rider Marc Marquez yesterday, we’re doing cool shit out at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas for this weekend’s big race. Lanesplitter’s Sean MacDonald and I will be covering all the action.


There’s bike events all weekend but MotoGP’s qualifying is this afternoon, and the race will be Sunday at 2 p.m. Central/3 p.m. EST. Watching it’s kind of a pain in the ass if you don’t have beIN, but I’m sure that won’t stop many of you. (It wouldn’t stop me, if you catch my drift here.)

And if you’re out at COTA, let us know and we’ll try to come say hi! In the meantime, tell us what you’re looking forward to at this weekend’s race.


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