I know very few of you are actually interested in this new MX... I want to say five? The "Mee-ah-tah?" Seems to be some sort of "roofless" car. I know everyone was hoping Mazda's big announcement would be for a new, reborn Miller-cycle Millennia, but we have the 2016 Mazda Miata instead, to be revealed at 6 PDT/9 EDT.

Incredibly, not a single image of the 2016 Miata has leaked. I can't remember the last time a new car reveal of this level of importance hasn't had a leaked image come from somewhere (I'm looking at you, Eastern Europe). I have no idea how Mazda pulled this off, but they sure seem to have done it.

I feel like there's going to be some low-key hostage hand-off at 6 PDT, or something.


So, everyone, get yourselves comfortable and ready, prepare easy-to-reach snacks and take whatever drugs you take to make you enjoy Duran Duran to the fullest.

There's a new Miata coming. Tonight. Hot damn.