Your Ridiculously Awesome Ferrari 458 Wallpaper Is Here

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I know we feature the Ferrari 458 a lot here on Weekend Wallpaper, but there's just one problem. No matter what angle you look at it from, no matter what the context or the lighting, it just looks so damn good.

Now, a good photographer does help. But even when you consider my fists of ham and my crappy phone camera, every time I've managed to take a picture of a 458 it just somehow... works. Lucky for you guys, though, this shot was done by an actual photographer.

And I am the only one who thinks Ferraris tend to look really swell in white?

Photo credit Ronnie Renaldi. Used with permission. For more of Ronnie's outstanding work, check out his Facebook page. For a giganto-desktop version, click here.


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Tom McParland

Well done Mike! This is especially fitting for me today because I got to get some laps in with a F430 Spyder and F430 Scuderia!