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If we weren't still so bitter at the state of Alabama, we'd totally pop in our Smokey and the Bandit DVD right about now. But as it stands, we're especially exceedingly bitter tonight, so we're just going to have to revel in the fact that somebody's photochopped the Camaro Concept into a mo'fuggin' Trans Am. It not only looks better than the Camaro (which, until the late 3rd-Gen and again, the late 4th-Gen, always had it all over the Camaro appearance-wise), but well, it's a black and gold TA with a Screamin' Chicken on the hood. As soon as the stores open tomorrow, we're going shopping for a red long-sleeve cowboy shirt and black hat, mofos. [Thanks to Mike for the tip, even if he did refer to us as "Juh-pol-nik" at the Detroit show.] [Update: See more of Kevin Morgan's nouveaux TransAm Photochops here.]


Detroit Wrap Up: Camaro Concept Photo Dump [Internal]


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