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Welcome to the end of the week! It’s sort of finally getting a little bit autumnal out there, and if you’re like most of us, you know what that means: time to load the family in the big clapdoor Lincoln, grab some binoculars, and drive out to a neighborhood to watch people getting undressed in upper story windows! Remember, the family that voyeurs together, stayeurs together!


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GMT800 Tahoe Guy

When I was in college, I playeda lot of the most recent GTA online. One time, one of my friends saw me playing and noticed 90% of my in-game garage was stuff that was pre-2000's, most of it from the 60's. He asks me: “Why do you only have old cars!?!?! New ones are so much better!!!!1!”

I was utterly dumbfounded. They may have been less safe, less efficient, and slower. But my god, nothing in the subsequent decades has ever been as fucking cool as stuff like that lincoln.