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Welcome To Carburetor Hell!

Illustration for article titled Welcome To Carburetor Hell!

We've had a few multiple-carb cars, but they've always been the twin-pot variety. It can be a real pain synchronizing a pair of balky carbs, and of course you've got twice the floats to sink, twice the fittings to leak, etc. But we can only look on with a mixture of horror and awe at a Ferrari crew futzing with six of the things before a race at Laguna Seca.


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For the serious multi-weber geeks, a 12 pipe mercury vacuume gauge is critical to set idle and part throttle flows.

Setting up a bunch of webers is A) a balance of art and science and B) absolutely can not be rushed.

This is also a dual distributor model which has dual points per distributor and needs the advance curves matched within a couple degrees.....

(when was the last time you used a distributor tuning machine?)

I'm guessing this is a Daytona - the work is worth it - still my favorite motor to hear at full throttle.