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Unless it's something like "Fuel Injection Spl." or "Really Crazy-Go-Nuts Devourer of Bonneville Salt," we've generally not seen the allure of naming cars. We did once, as part of a larger joke, name our 1970 Buick Skylark "The Millennium Falcon," but we were like 21 then, and 21-year-olds are notoriously stupid. Meanwhile, in the UK, the most popular names for cars are Freddie, Babe, Charlie, Henry, Rita, Cleo, Jasper, Girl and Gilbert. But the most popular name? Betsie. This choice singlehandedly explains the fall of the British Empire: they think of everyone as a 77-year-old pensioner living in a flat owned by her son-in-law.

The Sex of Cars [Carkeys, UK]

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