Illustration for article titled ​We Must Do Something Amazing With These Tank-Treaded Wheelchairs

Few things are more cathartic than searching the word "project" on Craigslist at 1 AM. That's how I found this spectacular pair of electric "Droid" wheelchairs that are just begging to be used for some kind of hoontastic debauchery. And they're cheap.


According to the seller, the tank-treaded wheelchairs were designed to allow disabled people to get out of high-rises when the elevators are out of commission. Apparently escape chutes have made them unnecessary, and now they're on sale for $500 a piece.


Not being a tank/wheelchair expert, we've gotta take the seller's word that everything is in order, including the motors, battery packs, chargers, and controllers. He's suggesting some kind of Burning Man project, but I think we can do better. And if you come up with something properly awesome and have the cash, I'm local and have a garage.

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