Comment Of The Day: Multiple Choice Edition

We always thought Fiata was just a play on words, a Miata made by Fiat. But if it was more than that? What it wasn’t Fiata? What if it was... FIATA?

An acronym, you see, beckoning to us across time and space, trying to tell us something:


Yes, there it is, I see it now – Fiata Is Also The Answer, or rather, FIATA!

It portends a world where we don’t have to choose one little roadster variant over the other. One where we don’t have to argue over who has the best roof noise insulation, or who has the best suspension bound and rebound rates.

It reassures us that we love cars, and we love a world in which you can choose any car you want, whether it’s made by Fiat or Mazda, because really, they’re pretty much the same car underneath.

Congratulations, UC0079 for life on your COTD win. And thank you for showing us the light, and the glory of multiple choice.

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