In case you were dead or something last week, you may have missed that music-and-business-person Jay Z got into a little bit of a tiff with his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles. It was pretty wild. We don't know for sure if Toyota made this ad in response, but if they did, it's genius. And if they didn't, it's still genius.

We reached out to one of our contacts at Toyota, but they haven't responded yet. We were going to wait until we heard back to run with this, but it's too good to hold it. Something so purely and viscerally hilarious from a company so keen on remaining so staid, and, well, bland, is really just beautiful.


I like to think that all the nutty people who dreamed up the 2000GT and the Supra and all of those other greats way back when were confronted by Toyota management one day.

"Hands off the cars!" they were told. "You're all going into advertising instead."


And so, this ad was made.

I am absolutely, 100%, totally sure that Jay's next vehicular purchase will not be some silly Maybach with the roof chopped off. It'll be a slightly dowdy, turquoise, Japanese, van.

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