Photo: Volkswagen

We all know today is going to be another very Bronco-heavy day, so I picked one of the least Bronco-related things for today’s blip: the rubber boot from a 1964 VW Beetle 1200's parking brake and heater controls. It’s one of the weirdest-looking rubber boots ever molded and installed on a car. It looks kinda lioke a stylized frog with a cybernetically-enhanced mechanical tongue. Oh, and the red lever controls the volume of heat, and the white one controls if it’s to go to the floor vents or the dash vents.


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I loved that little rubber thingy as a child waiting in our 1968 Beetle waiting for my mom to come back (imagine leaving a kid in a car like that today, LOL). Let me correct you on the levers though:

and the red lever controls whether the heat is on or off (simple binary switch) kinda, its always on somewhat, even in summer, in death valley; and the white one is fun to play with at stop lights or pretend its the throttle in an airplane or stuff like that, especially for your kids who you left in the car.’