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Damn you, Iowahawk! First you go and build The Coupe of Justice, which not only received the Jalopnik stamp of approval, but was blessed by His Satanic Majesty Coop. Then you go out and find a Turbonique rocket-powered blower, which practically caused us to have shat our shorts. And now you go score a five-window Deuce, which happens to be our absolute favorite hot-rod body. And you're doing the right thing by stuffing a Red Ram between the framerails. It needs air shocks (we're not sure why, it just does) and a Drag Axle, and just to shizzle the nizzle of the period-correct dorks, stick an individual-runner Weber setup on the Hemi. All hail the Coupe of Wrath! Oh, and for the rest of you who don't geek out on this archaic crap, click over and read the 'Hawk's explanation as to why you should.

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