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A day without a Johnny Otis reference is like a day without sunshine. And, speaking of days without sunshine, how about Hyannis, Massachusetts, in the wintertime? That's where sharp-eyed reader UDMan spotted these two seriously cool Willys machines. After checking out the gallery, make the jump to hear what UDMan has to say about these cars.

These are some unique vehicles that I took pictures of when I was signing up a new dealer in Hyannis Mass.
The Dark Red Car is a 1950 or 51 Willys Jeepster, 2 Wheel Drive, Hurricane 4 Cylinder Engine, and has been totally restored.
The Aqua Car is a 1953-54 Willys Aero Sedan, and was supposed to be a competitor to the Nash Rambler, Henry J, and Hudson Jet during this period. They were all well ahead of their time, and were smaller than the standard Ford, Chevy or Plymouth at that time.


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