Lawsuits and drama within the automotive aftermarket industry continue with allegations of religious discrimination versus good old fashioned slacking over at Irvine, California based Meguiars. On one side is Meguiars, who claim former employee Atticus O. Firey got the axe after alleged poor attendance at the office, and a generally abrasive management style. On the other side is Firey, who maintains he was broomed from the company after 10 years of employment for his lack of enthusiasm for the Christian way. Car crazy company President Barry Meguiar allegedly told Firey that he was "robbing this company of the blessing of God by not being on your knees and on fire for Jesus." We're going to keep our eyes peeled for lightning bolts and plagues of locusts while applying wax or tire dressing of any kind.

Former exec in Irvine says he was fired over religion [LA Times]

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