Watching This Ford Mustang Drift An F1 Circuit Is Completely Mesmerizing

Rather, this is what happens when you put Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Formula Drift Mustang on Barcelona’s F1 circuit. Turns three and four, all 3,200 feet of them, linked and shredded.

I have a huge obsession with super tight and gnarly tandem battles in busted up old Nissans, but this kind of flat-out, high-speed monstrous pro drifting is unreal and completely mesmerizing to watch.


As a reminder: these pro drift builds are basically nine-second drag cars that go left and right. They’re like circle track cars built out of production vehicles. They’re the most powerful stock-chassis road racing cars on the planet. Vaughn’s old car ran 800 horsepower and it was a middle-of-the-pack contender.

The new independent rear suspension car is even more of a beast.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


I thought this was going to be really stupid, then I saw this part