Watching Helsinki Airport For A Minute And A Half Is Mesmerizing

They get busy when it snows, and in February, it snows.

Seriously, I counted at least 23 vehicles moving around on this particular part of the runway in just 1 minutes and 38 seconds. Talk about an efficient airport!


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Brother Michael

Yup. Not the biggest of airports but dealing with weather conditions of all sorts is our thing. The last time the Helsinki Airport had to be shut down due to weather was around 2002 and it lasted all of half a day. BBC came to do a report on this very skill a couple of years ago and in typical Finnish fashion, the director of the airport, instead of showing any signs of pride, he opted to casually mumble "Weeell it's not that big of a deal, I mean we grow up with this so it's what we do and know". I mean...very true and all but come on man, it is okay to take some credit for the quality of your work.