A 651-horsepower Ferrari FF. A 1988 Audi 80. A half-mile drag race at an airstrip. Doesn't sound like a fair fight, does it?

Well, it's not, considering that boosted and tuned Audi has about 50 horses on the Ferrari. That helps explain why it destroys the FF in this video, even though it's kind enough to give Maranello's all-wheel-drive shooting brake a head start.

This video comes to us from the folks at 034Motorsport, and this car belongs to the company's president. They say the Audi 80 has a Precision 67 turbo that boosts the 2.2-liter inline five to about 700 horsepower.

"These were supposed to be 40 MPH rolling starts from the cones, but the Ferrari just booked it from the start," they tell us. The car, which they call 80tq, "still managed to catch up despite starting at the cones."

Not bad, I'd say. Not bad at all.


UPDATE: Here's more video, as pointed out by reader Bullitt Ride:

Hat tip to Laszlo!