One motorcycle squeezed between two trucks makes a motorbike sandwich.

Amazingly, the rider suffered only minor injuries and is recovering in the hospital, reports the video uploader.

The dash cam of my friend John's Motorbike captures a real funny video. He was out on the high way on his Hayabusa and speeding close to 150 km/h and suddenly sees two trucks almost blocking his way.

You know how difficult it is to stop a bike going at those speeds. You can hear him screaming shit, shit. But to his luck he almost got sandwiched between the the two trucks and narrowly misses getting run over by the truck. All the witnesses were shocked to see him escape with minor injuries.

This could have been a major accident that could have claimed his life. But now he is resting and saying good bye to his stunts for a while. Guys please never ever attempt these stuffs that he is trying to do.

Once again, there's no right and wrong in this video, only a lot of wrongs together. Two trucks driving side-by-side on a two-lane highway is not good for anyone. Not giving yourself enough room to stop on a high speed motorcycle run is also not good for anyone.

(Hat tip to Anthony!)