Watch Tom Lehrer Sell Dodges In This Politically Incorrect 1967 Ad

There's nothing like a singing, piano playing math professor to tell you how much better Dodge is than all the other American car manufacturers. As his white guy-dressed-as-a-Navajo sidekick points out, "Dodge Coronet scalpum competition." Groan.


Sure, this 1967 promotional film makes fun of Indians and employs a slutty first grade teacher to sell sex appeal, but Lehrer still does what he does best: offers snarky musical commentary about things. You'll be bored in a Ford, have an ordeal in a rocket Oldsmobile, etc. Yep, classic. Makes me want to drive a Dodge Dart Swinger to the park to poison pigeons.

(Hat tip to Tim!)

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Is that Mark Russell's son or something?

This comment has a Dennis Miller rating of 7.5 out of 10.