Watch This Speeding Train Absolutely Smash Through A Watermelon Truck

If Gallagher, the renowned (in the 1980s) prop comic was capable of projecting his dreams into the physical world, this is exactly what it would look like.

Okay, so unfortunately there are no bits of watermelon flying into the air and landing on the windshield, as if it was the world's best zombie movie, but the aftermath is incredibly gory. If you're a watermelon.

If you aren't a watermelon, and I hope you aren't, because a watermelon that has achieved the level of sentience required to be reading these words right now would be terrifying and also probably immoral, it's not very gory at all. That's because the driver thankfully escaped long before the train was bearing down on his truck, according to the Orlando Sentinel. But this does advance my theory that big trucks only stall out on train tracks.


A real treat are the narrators of this video, 15-year-old Austin Broderick, and his father, Dean. Austin should be narrating Stadium Super Trucks. Because that's just better.


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