Watch This Seat Leon Race Car Get Dropped Like A Hot Turd

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Oh man. Some poor bastard's probably been fired over this by now. Especially since it looks like a simple length of chain could have prevented all this from happening. That's a Seat Leon Cupra race car, and it's been dropped about two or so stories. Oops.

I'm not exactly sure where the car was headed before it's 2.5m/s (based on 9.8 m/s^2 for a roughly 0.25 sec fall — thanks commenters) nose-first meeting with the ground, but I'm pretty damn sure this wasn't the desired outcome. I like all the guys wandering away right afterwards, in hopes of avoiding the ever-expanding sphere of blame.

Maybe these don't have parking brakes? But would it have killed them to tie it down? Leave it in gear? Rope off the open part? Anything?


And that sound. Oh god, that sound.