Watch This Savage Mom Start Auctioning Off Son's Totaled Car To Bystanders After Wreck (Update)

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If this kid thought breaking the axle of the Nissan 370Z while at a car meet was bad enough, he probably shouldn’t have done whatever it was to elevate his mother’s anger to the point where she was selling off the car to bystanders at the scene of the crash.


In a video uploaded to YouTube by Team Donut featured on r/Cars earlier today, a mother yells at her child for crashing a Nissan 370Z in front of a group of people seemingly all at a car meet. The mother, a savage, then begins accepting bids on the car.

You should have 1. not been doing whatever it was that caused you to spin out and crash and 2. not pissed off your hardcore mother to the extent that she’s willing to sell it to the first guy in the crowd to shout out a price.


Update: The original video posted to r/Cars has a copyright claim against it. The video has been replaced with Car Life Channel’s video, which was posted a month ago.

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Wait a minute... so there’s a Mustang in the video and it’s NOT the wrecked car? Howindahelldidthathappen?