Watch This Russian Tank Fire Its Main Gun While Jumping

If your name is Vladimir Putin and you're on your way to relaunch the Soviet Union, the T-90 is one of the tools that can give you great confidence when the going gets tough. Because yes, or course you can fire its main gun mid-air.

The T-90 is Russia's most advanced battle tank at this moment. They started building these in 1992 just after red stars went out of fashion and Heineken came in, and by now you can order one with a 1,200 horsepower V12 diesel, composite armor, active camouflage, radar jammer and enemy laser detectors. The game is full on with this one.


The T-90 is going to be replaced slowly by and even more hardcore war machine called the T-99 in the next decade or so, but in the meantime, good luck fucking with anybody who has one.

Funny fact: India has twice as many as the Russians. Not to mention an additional 2,414 T-72s. More people, more tanks!

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how do you say "watch this" in Russian.