Watch This Ridiculous Video That's Somehow Advertising The New Mustang

Everyone loves 1980s aerobics videos. They are so fun, so campy, so symbolic of the strong and resilient America that existed only under President Reagan (Thanks Obama). But now with President Ted Cruz/Michele Bachmann (?)/Jeb Bush coming in, they're making a return. Randomly, in 2015 Ford Mustang ads, maybe.


To be honest, we're not really sure yet what the connection is between the people behind the music video and Ford is. We've reached out to both the director and someone at Ford, and we'll get back to you about that as soon as we can. It's definitely not clear from the video itself, as there are two brand-new Mustangs at the beginning, and then some more Mustang at the end, but that's about it.

What is clear, on the other hand, is that the video does seem to have a connection, and be an homage to, those amazing aerobics competitions from back in the 1980s.

You just see something like this:

And you immediately think back to something like this:

And you see something like this:


Instantaneously, your mind drifts to this:

And that's because with President OBUMMER's term about to end, it's Morning in America again. Back in the 1980s, we had Ronald Reagan, we had a scary version of Russia, and we had aerobics videos. And that's all we needed.


An inch from nuclear annihilation and did we care? NO because we had aerobics. That's what made America great. That's what made America strong.

Aerobics. Yeah.


Oh yeah, here's the full Mustang/Aerobics video:

Man, I really gotta stop taking those funny blueish pills fellow Jalopnik writer Patrick's cousin's roommate's friend got us.


UPDATE: Jalopnik's own Patrick George just heard back from a Ford spokesman, and they confirmed that it is indeed part of an advertising campaign, sort of.

This is a video that stemmed from the #inaMustang campaign we have going.

There should me more random videos like this one coming up. There is another one already out there, by the way:

People can submit ideas here:

Some of the ideas submitted will be made into videos.

Well, this should be fun.


Patrick George

Some more GIFs from our own Raphael Orlove: