Watch This Motorcycle Rider Have An Extremely Close Call With A Flying Mattress

Good reflexes are useful when you're driving a car, but when you're on a motorcycle, they can mean the difference between life and death.


A little good luck doesn't hurt, either. Just ask this motorcycle rider who recently had a pretty close call with a mattress that flew off the back of a pickup truck. It's not clear here whether he (or she) was able to dodge the flying mattress or if he simply missed it by chance — maybe both.

At any rate, this rider tries to do the right thing by flagging down the truck that lost the mattress, but it doesn't look like he was successful. Our hat's off to this fellow, because he's one lucky bastard.


Thanks for the tip $kaycog!

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wouldn't hitting a soft plush mattress be the best option of things to run into? Just grab on and hope it lands you side up.