Watch This Lamborghini Racecar Go Flying Through Some Hay At Goodwood

All kinds of vehicles are being thrown around the course at The Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, including this Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo racecar that decided it no longer wanted to go around corners.

Unfortunately the video above cuts in right as he goes off-course, but if you can find the correct time mark in the livefeed, you can see that it looks like the driver was carrying way too much speed into the corner and inevitably understeered straight off due to lack of enough grip. Which of course led to the driver cutting the course, then re-entering the course, then flying off into the hay safety barriers.


Thankfully the driver quickly hopped out of the car and it appears nobody was injured. Can’t say the same for the Huracan though.

Here’s the same car taking the course like a champ yesterday.

Catch more live action from Goodwood here.


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