Watch This Idiot Jump Out Of A Moving Cop Car

Rather than endure a few more minutes in custody, this genius criminal jumped out of the back of a police car moving at 30 mph, only to injure himself and get arrested again. "Freedoooo...oh it hurts it hurts it hurts."


This 20-year-old Utah man was in the back of a patrol car after being picked up for burglarly when he told the arresting officer he was feeling ill. When the officer lowered the window the guy jumped out... OF A MOVING COP CAR! The man, Nicholas Duffy, was re-arrested and taken to a hospital for minor injuries.

As stupid as this decision was, it's hard not to appreciate the effort. Just a little bit. (H/T to SLRSpeedshop)

AP/Washington Post.


We are missing part of the story, why was a burglar already wearing a hospital gown?