Alright, well, it was more of a limp than a jaunty saunter, BUT STILL. This guy was just completely thrown out of his car, slid along an icy highway, took one look at himself, and clearly thought "I should probably not be lying in this road right now."

Edward Wallace, the driver of the Ford Explorer who is apparently constructed entirely of rubber, was captured flying out of his car and walking away like a champ by the dashcam belonging to a Cleveland cop.


Sadly, the other driver who was actually just driving along like a normal person and not crashing into things suffered a concussion, according to the New York Daily News. Wallace was treated for minor facial and back injuries he incurred when he went for a slide.

The Ohio State Police said that Wallace was doing 70 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, on top of the icy conditions, when he crashed.

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