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Watch This Freakazoid Asshole Run A Photographer Off The Road

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Over the weekend, photographer Alex Stone had something of a run-in with a local while out shooting a car near San Diego. And by run-in, I mean that a dude nearly ran him over.

The driver of the jacked up Excursion (who was indeed arrested after this video was shot) claimed that Stone and his team were trespassing on his driveway and tried to remove them from the scene himself.

This man is extremely adamant that this is his driveway. As the San Diego Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Jalopnik, that is not his driveway.


Stone took to his own Facebook page to explain the situation:

In the past 10 years of shooting cars nothing like this has every happened.

Watch the video for yourself, keep in mind the following: We are on a PUBLIC road in the middle of Ramona, CA. Pretty much empty deserted road by a tiny airport. Five different residents of the area drove by asking if we needed help and weren’t bothered by our presence. I didn’t provoke the man because there was a really good chance he had a gun in his truck (the police afterward also confirmed this by saying lots of residents carry around there). Also, I said “sir” about 200 times because I was trying to be as polite as possible, even while he was trying to run me over.

At the end of the video, he hits the phone out of my hands and it flies 20ft in the air and lands on the pavement with a broken screen thats all black.


After the video ended, Stone retrieved his phone and got in his car, he tells Jalopnik. The man “spat on [his] car” and

Then he started to pull his pants down and told me to “suck the money out of his d***.” I then drove off since my friend was already on the phone with the cops.

The San Diego County sheriff’s department released a statement that identified the driver as Mark Wayne Gordon, 52. They were able to find him off the license plate in Stone’s video. He was arrested on assault with a deadly weapon, battery and vandalism charges.


We’re not sure why Gordon kept claiming that the section of road where Stone was shooting was his driveway. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department did indeed confirm to Jalopnik that the incident occurred on a public road. Stone reportedly won’t press charges. He only wants Gordon to pay for the damage done to his cell phone, according to a local news report.

UPDATE: It should be noted that the investigation will continue whether or not Alex Stone presses charges. We spoke with Stone and he reaffirmed that he will cooperate with the authorities.