Deer are the natural enemy of the moving vehicle. When they see cars or trucks, they're volatile. Like Mike Tyson when he's boxing, you don't know if they'll stay on the straight and narrow or bite an ear off. This deer is an ear biter.

This bus in Pennsylvania was just driving along its route when a deer ran across the street, right into the bus' path. It goes through the windshield and then proceeds to go all sorts of bat shit crazy on the bus.


Can you blame it? It's just been in a major accident. It's disoriented, shaken up, and now its inside a bus. That's where people go, not deer. It jumps all over the place as the driver is trying to gently let it off the bus. He opens the doors for it and everything.

After a 30 second freakout, the deer does get off the bus. I can't help but feel bad for it as it jumps around. It doesn't look like anyone on the bus was injured during the accident.