​Watch This Award-Winning Rider With Tourette's Do A Five-Mile Wheelie

Jeremy Stenberg is a certifiable badass. He's motocross royalty, with dozens of wins, regular TV appearances, and even an app. Most people know him as "Twitch", a nickname he embraced after being diagnosed with Tourette's. But none of that matters, because he just did a 5-mile wheelie without even trying.

Granted, Sterberg isn't close to the last record we could find, set by Doug Domokos at the Talladega Speedway in 1984. That wheelie, which was stood for eight years, ran for 145 miles. But it was on a closed course. Stenberg just decided to lift up the front wheel on his Kawasaki 450 and go for a run while riding with friends.


The video speed has been doubled, but Twitch says he went back and traced the route, and we can play along by counting the mile markers.

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