This International Scout The Size Of A Cat Is A True Artistic Triumph

It’s finally happened: the most talented artist making bespoke R/C trucks has finally done his take on the best one ever: the International Scout. Watching this 100 percent scratch-built masterpiece come together is a privilege, seeing it hit the trail is just awesome.


Okay, I’ll concede that the Scout 800 might not be the best 4x4, that honor could also go to the Scout 80 or Scout II... but it’s definitely up there.

This kind of creation could only come from Headquake137; a guy with a cat, a small-scale off-road course, a lot of artistic talent and a YouTube channel to share it all on. Don’t click that link unless you want to waste the rest of your day looking at incredible car models that actually drive.

Headquake writes that 50 hours of work went into making this. We feature his work from time to time, because I love it and so should you.

Hat tip to the Scout 80/800s Facebook group!

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That was awesome. I actually did watch it all the way through, even though I was planning to skip it. That level of modeling is amazing.