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Watch These Storm Chasers Make An Epic Roadside Rescue

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Wildfires have been ravaging Oklahoma all week, with News 9 reporting more than 56,000 acres of the state up in smoke as of this writing. Their own journalists found this construction vehicle stuck in an embankment and got the operator to safety with seconds to spare.

News 9 says the camera vehicle, which looks like a Ford Raptor, was driven by storm chasers Val and Amy Castor. They stopped at the front line of the fire as this road grader was getting hung up on its way out out of a ditch, and when the driver wisely abandoned the vehicle he sprinted to the storm truck which made a quick reverse-getaway to relative safety.


Major case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the poor bastard driving that construction vehicle, but I suppose you could say the opposite about the storm truck.


Watching the successful impromptu rescue in this clip is satisfying, but conditions are still highly dangerous all over the state.

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Scary stuff! I don’t know which is grader...............the goosebumps on my arms or legs.