Watch the world’s longest train rumble across Australia

With 22 million humans concentrated in a few pockets of its three million square miles, Australia has space aplenty for running massive trains. Forget road trains: this iron ore train is the real thing.

A daisy chain of two locomotives, 166 wagons, another two locomotives, another 168 wagons, two more locomotives—still with me?—168 more wagons, one last locomotive and 180 trailing wagons, it’s 4.5 miles of train bonanza which takes eight minutes to pass any single location. Sorry, I screwed up: there’s one more locomotive bringing up the rear.


This entire linear monstrosity weighs 100,000 tons, 80% of which is the iron ore it carries from the huge open pit mine of Newman, Western Australia, to Port Hedland on the Indian Ocean coast.

Hat tip to Markoferko (who, intrepid traveler he is, rode a similar train in Mauritania from Nouakchott to Zouérat).

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