​Watch The Tesla Model S P85D Trounce The Old P85 In A Drag Race

How much quicker is the P85D compared to the former range-topping Tesla Model S? The dual-motor EV utterly humiliates it in a drag race.

The crew from Drag Times lined up the new P85D and the old P85 to prove what we already know: all-wheel drive matched with instant-on torque is freaking amazing.


From a standstill the P85D doesn't just fly away from the P85 – it leaves it for dead, using all 691 HP (and underrated torque) to pull 1.29 G, while the 415 HP, rear-wheel drive nearly disappears from view.

From a 35 MPH roll the results are far less dramatic, but even with the P85 driver jumping the start, the P85D just walks away. It's nuts, and with that powertrain fitted to the Falcon-winged Model X, it's going to be even nuttier.

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