Watch The SRT Viper Tear Up A Track On Forza

The first people outside of Chrysler to drive the new SRT Viper were the supremely lucky game designers at Forza 4, which explains how we saw stills of the vehicle on the digital track before the reveal.

Nothing will actually match the sound of the real Viper, which SRT Brand President Ralph Gilles made clear to all of us as he madly revved the snake's atomic V10 engine. But it's the easiest way for anyone who isn't a Fiat heir to slide into the razor thin Ferrari-esque seats.


Look for it in an upcoming DLC.

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Every time I hear/see a Forza promo, I get the feeling I bought the wrong system.

Actually I had a 360, but some kids wearing hoodies broke into my house and stole it. I bought the PS3 mostly for GT5.

Anyone have both to compare? I had a lot more fun with the 360.