Watch The Mercedes-AMG GT Tear It Up On The Circuit Of The Americas

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Mercedes-AMG GT Diary, Day Three. I still have not driven this car, sadly, but I'm starting to lust after it more and more. This is even more true after watching the car bring its sound and fury to the Circuit of the Americas.

Last month, Mercedes took a trip down to Austin to let their new Porsche-fighter have a go around the celebrated track, which later this fall will play host to two of their own Formula One cars.


What can we learn from this video? The AMG GT is fast, it looks fantastic in motion, it sounds incredibly mean, it can get properly sideways, and it can smoke its tires like it just declared war on rubber.

The video is a bit more heavy on special effects than I'd like, but the car remains damn impressive. I look forward to seeing more of what it can do.