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Listen To The Lamborghini Huracan Do Donuts Outside The Factory

The replacement for the venerated Gallardo, the Lamborghini Huracan, debuted this week, and it's an evolutionary beauty. You know what's even more beautiful? That glorious, glorious noise coming out of the 610-horsepower V10.


This video is from Lamborghini's Hexagon Project, a series of short films about the bro-iest of bros, created by the company to promote the Huracan in the run-up to its debut. Long story short, The Bros steal a Huracan and do donuts outside the factory in Sant'Agata. That's really all you need to know about that.


The films are really quite terrible, but I can already tell the car is going to be amazing, so I've gone through the pain of finding the money shot in all four of the films. It comes right at 1:52 into the fourth film, and oh-my-gosh-dang-nabbit do those ten cylinders sound good.

UPDATE: Reader Alex Murel, Philosopher edited out all the weird bits so now we just get a minute of pure goodness. I've put that version up top. The original is below, if you really, really have a thing for Bros. Bro.

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This one RWD only?

Also, as much as i do like this car, i can't help but feel like it's just a facelifted Gallardo (which it basically is) Especially when it sounds the same as one too.