Word on the street is that the Lamborghini Gallardo successor will be named "Cabrera," and I have to wonder how Lamborghini's corporate cousins at Porsche feel about that. Whatever it will be called, its mule can handle the 'Ring just fine.

RSRNurburg captured some video of the Cabrera lapping the N├╝rburgring this morning. World Car Fans reports that the rumor is it will be called the Cabrera LP-600 and feature a 5.2-liter V10 with 600-ish horsepower and all-wheel drive, with rear-wheel drive special editions also available.

I can't wait to see the real deal at some point. I hope it sounds as good as this mule does.


Hat tip to K¤ë╬Ż¤â¤ä╬▒╬Ż¤ä╬╣╬Ż╬┐¤é!