This weekend we featured a story from guest contributor Max Prince about the "Coyote," the tire-murdering "battle axe" built from spare parts at Missouri tuner shop Nocturnal Motorsports.


Both the car — a tube frame rig powered by a 280-horsepower Nissan SR20DET engine and weighing in at a mere 1,400 pounds — and the story were a big hit with you guys.


But at the same time, more than a few of you asked this question: "Where's the video?" Well, asked and answered. In case you weren't completely convinced of the Coyote's awesomeness, check out this video he just sent us.

The car's fabricator, Mike O'Mara, grabbed a GoPro and recorded some backroad hoonage at his family farm, Max tells me. The result is video evidence of how great/terrifying the homemade speed machine is.

Would you go for a ride in the Coyote?

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