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Watch The Greatest Drag Racing Comeback Victory We've Ever Seen

When the driver in the silver Mustang on the left slides into the other guy's lane, cuts back, and loses traction again, he puts his foot back to the floor and wins the race. With $8,500 up for grabs, you don't lift.


We'll put this in the running for the Save of the Year, because winning a race after losing it twice in a row is just insane.

We're no fans of street racing here on Jalopnik, because we don't like when assholes crash into innocent people. This un-prepped run at last weekend's King of the Streets drags in Wisconsin, however, is something we can very much get behind.


(Hat tip to SecondSpitter!)

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The silver car is disqualified for crossing the center line, so it lost immediately at that point.

"... A racer also may be disqualified for leaving the starting line too soon, leaving the lane boundary (either by crossing the centerline, touching the guardwall or guardrail, or striking a track fixture such as the photocells),..."