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Watch The Exact Moment This Motorcycle Decided To Become A Mechanical Bull

Moto3 rider John McPhee got his first grand prix victory at last week’s Czech GP on a rain-soaked Brno Circuit. But he very nearly didn’t. You’ll see what I mean.

Unfortunately beIN Sport USA’s Facebook video of McPhee’s incredible accidental-drift-then-jump-then-save doesn’t want to embed here but you can see the scene on their page. Scrub to about 50 seconds in to see the replay.


Looks like McPhee had a controlled slide going through the turn, but the rear tire caught traction a little more aggressively than he might have expected and shot the bike’s orientation upright in a big hurry.

McPhee’s been racing motorcycles (Formula 125) since age 12, according to his profile. He’s been racing at the Moto3 level since 2012 and went “full time” the following year.


Funny to think these Moto3 bikes are just 250cc single-cylinder four-strokes. It’s amazing how fast you can make a small engine with the right recipe of aerodynamics, light-weighting and professional piloting.

McPhee ended up winning the race by a whopping 8.8 seconds. And here I am just happy that I haven’t had to get wet while motorcycling in years.

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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