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Watch The Daytona 24 First Lap From Inside A Camaro GT.R

No less than 60 cars raced in this year's Rolex 24, and you can see them all hammering away from the seat of Stevenson Motorsports's Camaro GT.R.


Even on a circuit as big as Daytona, this many cars make the track look like the world's fastest, loudest traffic jam.

Video Credit: Trevor Andrusko of MotorSportMedia

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The Daytona 24 is NOT a good race to make your debut as a racing team. He got passed quite a lot. I know you have 24 hours and setting a good sustainable pace, over that time, is more important than racing for first place in the first 1-2 hours, but still, being overtaken by so many cars is just wrong.

It's also wrong that there was only ONE Mustang, No Challengers (take about the one car perfect for a long trip/enduro), but 3 Camaro's in the race.. and no CTS's

America needs better representation, if by numbers alone, in our own race!

BTW, FORD won the Prototype class, 1-2-3. Porsche took GT-class, 1-2-3.

The camera could have been placed higher so you could actually see out.