Photo: arlingtonpolicemedia/YouTube

Police in Texas chasing a bull around a residential neighborhood in Arlington might be the most stereotypical Texas thing ever caught on video.

Standing atop the Texas barbecue hierarchy is a food so sacred, Texans eat it at birthday parties, quinceañeras, religious holidays, exorcisms and probably even funerals.

That food is called brisket. And the brisket’s live pre-cooked form was seen running around in Arlington this week with cops in hot pursuit. Here’s the local Police Department’s video of the chase:

For four hours, the bull was lazily walking, jogging and occasionally gnawing on people’s lawns in Arlington and Dalworthington Gardens with cops on its tail, WFAA reports.


That’s when, in typical Texas fashion, a cowboy lassoed the beast and finally returned it to its owner. I bet it was delicious.