​Watch Someone That Knows What He's Doing Ride The Ducati Scrambler

Jaime Robinson is annoyingly talented. Wes and I agree he's the best rider we know, and even more annoyingly, he's a ridiculously nice guy. So if you want to see what the Ducati Scrambler is capable of – on the dirt, through the sand, in some water, and leaned over the asphalt – Robinson is your man.


Jaime asked Ducati PR if anyone had gotten the Scrambler properly dirty yet. They said no.

So unlike the rest of us rubes that followed Ducati's choreographed route at the Scrambler launch, Jaime just grabbed the bike and his camera man and took off into the hills outside Palm Springs. He got a shot at putting those Pirellis in the dirt, sliding it around, and going for an impromptu swim. And as always with Jaime, he just makes it look so damn easy – which is the most annoying part.


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I've got nothing bad to say about the Scrambler - I love it. But honestly this "review" by Jaime is clearly a paid promotional in the guise of a review. I hate that shit.