Watch Some Brits Set A New World Record For Parallel Parking

Handbrake-sliding a classic Mini into a parking spot just five inches longer than the car itself is a little absurd, but it is impressive.


I would be more impressed if this challenge was held in Manhattan, where the potential record-holder would have to try and do that while getting screamed at by an eighty year old woman who is also urinating as well as fighting off thirteen New York cabs for the space. That'd be hard to officiate, though.

(Hat tip to Ontop of it all!)



Makes me cry a bit to see Minis which look like they're in such good condition to get beat up during their testing. Classic Minis in that kind of condition go for $6,000-15,000 (4,000£-10,000£) over here in the US. I'd absolutely LOVE to get a Mk VI or Mk VII but with ridiculous US import laws they're impossible to import unless you fudge some paperwork. You can import the Mk IV or Mk V from Europe but you have to pay thousands extra for shipping and other stuff. I'll just have to wait until 2025 to get one I guess :(

2000 Mini: