Watch Scary Video From Inside Concordia Cruise Ship After Crash

Newly released amateur video taken from inside the Concordia cruise ship shows passengers crowded together, looking for a way out after its deadly crash on a sandbar offshore of the island of Giglio near Grosseto, Italy.


Probably the creepiest part — other than the scenes of mass chaos — is the British voice overhead over the loudspeakers saying: "Everything is under control. Please remain calm."


Because that certainly doesn't look like things are either "under control" or "calm."

Especially considering the ship's captain left the ship two hours after the accident rather than remain with his damaged vessel. He's now been arrested by the Italian police under charges of involuntary manslaughter, shipwreck and abandoning ship.

According to Grosseto's chief prosecutor, Francesco Verusio, "the captain approximated Giglio clumsily, hitting a rock on its left side, making the ship to lean, which caused a large amount of water to enter the hull in just two or three minutes."

Video Credit: AP

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Is it weird that I imagine myself there, grinning ear to ear, thinking "Sweet! I get to be in a shipwreck!"?